Dual head presentation of pdfs created with latex beamer class

I am using Latex for assignments, papers and presentations quite a long time. However, until recently, I did not know a solution for dual head presentation of pdfs created with the latex beamer class.
This changed with the finding of Impressive. To create a pdf with notes on the second screen you first have to set up your beamer class like this:

[code language=”latex”]\documentclass{beamer}

\usepackage{pgfpages} %This is needed for notes presentation!
\setbeameroption{show notes on second screen}

\frametitle{Note Test}
This is the frame text
\note[item]{Note for a itemized note list}
\note{Note for a continuous note text}


After that you have to install impressives requirements and impressive itself. Then you can start impressive on a beamer and notebook both with a 1024×768 resolution like this:

[code language=”bash”] ./impressive.py -g 2048×768 “pdfname.pdf”[/code]

Be sure to use the same aspect ratio and resolution on notebook and beamer. Otherwise you will get cropped slides and/or black borders.

Happy presenting!

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