Problems with a stalling wicd 1.7.0 when scripts are set for a connection

Yesterday I updated to wicd -1.7.0 and experienced issues when connecting to my local wired network. I found out that the issue only comes up when using wicd-gtk. Wicd-curses manages to get a connection.

So I searched the web and found out that this problem only occurs when having (dis)connection scripts set. The issue is already filed at wicd’s launchpad upstream with a working patch by Jonathan (Comment #17). As I use wicd every day, the fix for this issue is quite important to me.
Gentoo currently only has the 1.7.0 (1.6.2 worked flawlessly) version in its tree and so I made an ebuild which includes Jonathan’s patch, fixes the issue and can be found in gentoo’s bugzilla.

If you are experiencing the same issues in gentoo, check out the new ebuild and the patch.

Happy emerging

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